Rolling Stone: Sexting, Shame & Suicide

Rolling Stone: Sexting, Shame & Suicide

The following link is from a September issue of the Rolling Stone and profiles four girls who had a sexting scandal that lead to their decision to commit suicide.  Paul Virillo touches upon the concept of cyber sex in the third section of his book, Open Sky, to state the sexting furthers the gap between a person and the world.  Virillio argues the disconnect we feel to the world is largely stemmed from technology and cyber sex is a variable in that gap. However, if cyber sex is considered to distant us from the world then why did these four girls take their life as a result of the instance? Following Virillio’s logic, shouldn’t the girls feel less of a connection because the nature of sexting adds to the wedge? Further, as Virillio puts it, if we are becoming automatic sex machines, why did they even care? This article justifies the argument that sexting, cyber sex, and sex in general still holds meaning to some.


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