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Digitally Published. My Portfolio.

Digitally Published. My Portfolio.

Ladies and gents, I am on the world wide web.  Check out my online portfolio for the run down of who I am, my professional experience, and how I can help you! 




Well in case for any of those who are afraid, intimidated, discoured, or just generally down & out about landing a job come graduation, FEAR NOT, the cyber and social worlds are on our side. Search tumblr “job search” and .gifs, videos, and photos come up sympathizing the job hunt. Go to every millennial best “news” source, Buzzfeed, and they too are on our side. Here the site has produced countless lists complete with gifs to demonstrates exactly everyone’s (panicked) through process when job hunting.

Let’s Get Down to Business…To Defeat the Job Search.

All right, let’s get down to digital business.  A digital portfolio.  My strategy? Showcase my skills, experience, and work to help me land a job come graduation.  I want this to be an added value component to put me somewhat ahead of others in my same field come May.  Let’s be real for a minute here.  I am seeking marketing and public relations jobs in Chicago and go to a small, liberal arts school in South Carolina.  To say I can ride off the name off my diploma alone is ludacris.  Therefore, I have to do everything I can do give myself any defining feature against kids with the exact same credentials.  With this digital portfolio, I hope to reach out to potential employers and people in my related field to aid me in my ongoing job search.  Once the user has landed on the site the main takeaway should be my experience I have gained through the course of three internships in the marketing and public relations field has given me the base knowledge of the industry to hit the ground running producing quality work.  

I will showcase this through the content on the site including: resume, work experience, examples of my work, and related industry skills that I can demonstrate (integrating social platforms, blogs, and photoshop skills).  Going into the marketing and PR field I have to demonstrate that I know a broad range of skills ranging from basics of graphic design, WordPress, cutting and editing film, HTML, etc.  This can be done in creating a dynamic, content rich site.  Overall, I want to show that everything an employer can ask of me I know not only how to do, but do it well.   

After considering the content, the next step for me is design inspirations:

  1. I want the color scheme to come off professional.  I do not want to create a portfolio that screams event planner or Lily lover.  As much as the Gender minor in my hates to admit this, this means conforming myself to what the laced up corporate world would want and enjoy to see. Maybe something in the navy, maroon, grey, or dark and neutral color families.
  2. I definitely want a top navigation bar because I personally find that the easiest to work with.  As we learned previously, you should never make the user do any sort of thinking.  Everything should be laid out at the obvious convenience for the user, and top navigation has always been exceptionally user friendly.  
  3. Furthermore, I want my portfolio to tell a story. Therefore, the user would land on a page, get a general “feeling” of me and then proceed through the tabs of my resume for my credentials, examples of my work for backing to my skills, the integration of social platforms, WordPress, and photos to showcase the variety of skills I have, and end on a page to contact me.
  4. I have always enjoyed multimedia heavy sites.  USA Today or Digg.  Sites that use photos and videos as their main way to attract someone to click on an article.  If there is any way I can integrate the strategy into my portfolio without looking too much like a graphic designer or photographer that would be ideal.
  5. More than anything, I want my design to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, but not distracting. I hate it when websites or portfolios are designed in a manner that is confusing for the user and does not properly show the user the skills or story of the creator.  I want the user to close the site with a better sense of who I am, and that will partially be completed through my ability to convey that through the website design.