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Well in case for any of those who are afraid, intimidated, discoured, or just generally down & out about landing a job come graduation, FEAR NOT, the cyber and social worlds are on our side. Search tumblr “job search” and .gifs, videos, and photos come up sympathizing the job hunt. Go to every millennial best “news” source, Buzzfeed, and they too are on our side. Here the site has produced countless lists complete with gifs to demonstrates exactly everyone’s (panicked) through process when job hunting.


Buzzfeed Speaks…Female Athlete’s Juxtaposition of “Action Shot” & “Sexy Shot”

Buzzfeed Speaks…Female Athlete’s Juxtaposition of “Action Shot” & “Sexy Shot”

The chapter Framed and Mounted: Sport Through the Photograph Eye by David Rowe touches upon the presentation of female athletes in photographs.  Rowe states females are more likely to be pictured in a passive or subordinate state.  He continues to state that female athletes who choose to capitalize on their talent and fame tend to draw from their sex appeal for endorsements.  The Buzzfeed article breaks down “Action Shots” and “Sexy Shots” for 17 famous athletes.  

This is a great example of female athletes pictured in action and the comparison to their glamour/sexy take.  You can say that branding yourself as a sex icon is degrading, however for the sake of argument, you can argue it is the nature of capitalism. View yourself as a product.  If you have something that is valuable to the marketplace and you do not peruse it as an economic prospect then from a business perspective that is a loss.  This again ties back to CNN’s Miley Cyrus article at the VMA’s, where we know news and advertisements are all about the clicks, baby. Bring em on.